The Istituto Italiano di Antropologia is launching the JASs forum, an online pubblication, designed to stimulate interdisciplinary discussion regarding anthropological issues for and  with an international audience.


Every year the JASs editorial board will invite some specialists to write a commentary on a topical interdisciplinary subject. Unsolicited contributions are also welcome. The length should not exceed 1500 words for the text and five references. The relative files must be sent to All the submitted contributions will be subjected to accelerate refereeing by the Editorial Board and put online quickly. All interventions in the JASs forum, will be also published in the JASs printed version.

A regular update will be sent by e-mail. Please send an e-mail to to be included in the mailing list.


  JASs forum Anthropology and Reductionism


    volume 83 (2005)



Giovanni Destro-Bisol


A comment on ?What it means to be 98% chimpanzee?

Andrea Drusini


Radical Reductionism

Ernesto Di Mauro


Anthropologists: specialists of the general or marginal researchers?

Emanuele Sanna


Measuring bones and sequencing DNA: not that far as thought

Cristian Capelli


The detail's horizon

Enzo Tramontano 


A Comment on the forum

Jonathan Marks



volume 84 (2006)


The future of Anthropology in the era of scientific reductionism
Andrea Drusini


Reflections about DNA studies, reductionism and the role of Anthropology
Bernardino Fantini


The interdisciplinary character of Anthropological Sciences
Claudio Ricciardi