Catalogue of Italian Fossil Human Remains
from the Palaeolithic to the Mesolithic
G. Alciati, V. Pesce Delfino & E. Vacca eds.

CollezioniFossili Istituto Italiano di Antropologia, 2006
ISBN 88-87242-67-4, 184pp.  
Introductory notes by the Editors
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The Catalogue of Italian Fossil Human Remains from Palaeolithic to the Mesolithic was developed within the framework of Targeted Project - Cultural Heritage of the Italian National Research Council. Information of the most diverse nature (anthropological, geo-chronological, paleo-environmental) about sites and human remains, is gathered together, creating a source of knowledge that becomes essential for the valorisation and conservation of such "Cultural Assets".


Seventy-eight different sites are catalogued, deriving from studies and finds that, from 1860 to the present day, include human remains belonging to a time period of more than 800.000 years. About 258 human remains are described and include both whole burials and single skeletal remains.


"Le collezioni primatologiche italiane" si pone non solo come documento sullo status del patrimonio primatologico italiano, ma anche come strumento per utilizzare al meglio questo patrimonio nel campo della cultura scientifica e dell' educazione alla conservazione della biodiversita'.

Edited by
Giancarlo Alciati (University of Padova)
Vittorio Pesce Delfino (University of Bari)
Eligio Vacca (University of Bari)

Texts By

Giancarlo Alciati, Antonio Ascenzi,
Silvana Maria Borgognini Tarli,
lessandro Canci, Vincenzo Formicola, Giacomo Giacobini, Francesco Mallegni, Giorgio Manzi, Vittorio Pesce Delfino & Eligio Vacca